With more than 15 years’ experience in international marketing and pupil recruitment, the British Boarding Schools’ Network is the most highly regarded source of contacts, knowledge and support in the sector. 

We are proud to be a forward-thinking, innovative and agile company with a passion for what we do. This has been the foundation for building our strong community ethos and drives us to deliver exceptional customer service and value for money in everything we do.

The BBS Network is at the heart of the symbiotic relationship between schools and educational agents; we are the Network that connects them together. One of our core aims is to make it easy for both parties to work together successfully.


We support British boarding schools to recruit international pupils from a diverse range of countries in a time-efficient and cost-effective way, whilst enabling our global network of trusted agents to find the right British schools for their families.

Through our market-leading contacts database and Knowledge Zone, combined with our extensive events programme and support services, we enable schools and agents to build positive and effective relationships so they can efficiently achieve their recruitment goals.

In summary, our Network offers all the contacts, knowledge and support that schools and agents need to effectively undertake their pupil recruitment and placement activities.




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3 February

Best practice in working with agents and how to get the most out of your attendance at the BBSW Virtual Event in March 2022

Online - 1pm to 2pm Zoom

23 February

Fragomen: Key considerations required for student excursions throughout Europe

Online - 2.30pm Zoom

1 March

Fragomen: How to best prepare for 2022 student sponsorship

Online - 2.30pm Zoom

1 March

Fragomen - Preparing families for the UK visa process. (For Agents)

Online - 3pm (GMT) Zoom

9 - 10 March

British Boarding Schools Workshop Virtual Event


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