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Sustainability Policy

BBSN Commitment to Environmental Sustainability


BBSN is committed to becoming a more environmentally responsible business. We recognise the need to protect the planet and are aiming for our services to be delivered in a way that minimises the environmental impact and promotes business integrity.

We will continue to offer online webinars, training and discussions to reduce travel. However, our sector necessitates international travel and BBSN acknowledges the detrimental impact of this on the environment. The British Boarding Schools’ Workshops (BBSW) and Fam Trips are an opportunity for educational agents from across the globe to meet boarding school representatives in the most time efficient and effective way.

The following sets out our sustainability policy and we have made some adjustments to the way we operate the BBSW:

  • We will no longer provide printed handbook for delegates at our events. Instead, all the information can be found on our portal. One advantage of this is that the information can be quickly and easily updated to reflect last-minute changes in delegates, timings, etc.
  • Gift notebooks for delegates contain FSC-certified paper, responsibly and sustainably produced.
  • The furniture in the break-out areas at BBSW is hired by us from a company which recycles furniture.
  • Reusable badges and lanyards. Our badges are printed in-house and are kept for future events. We reuse the coloured lanyards, which are all sanitised and cleaned between events.
  • Recycling waste-paper bins are provided at the events.
  • Food waste is kept to a minimum, thanks to careful management of delegate numbers and planning with the hotel staff.
  • There are no single-use plastic bottles at the BBSW as glass bottles of water are provided. Further details about the hotel’s sustainability policy can be found here

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Please contact us with any questions or comments you have about our sustainability policy.