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The leading international marketing & pupil recruitment Network
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About Us - Aims & Values

We are a forward-thinking, agile and values-driven company with a passion for what we do. This passion has been the foundation for building our strong community ethos and drives us to deliver exceptional customer service and outstanding value for money. Our team includes several sector experts, with 90 years' combined experience of working in marketing and admissions in British boarding schools. This means we really understand the challenges our members face, which informs the services and solutions we provide.

Our Aims

We provide the Contacts, Knowledge and Support for:

Schools to more easily and cost-effectively recruit international pupils, so they have a happy and thriving boarding community that comprises children from a diverse range of countries.

Educational agents
to know, and have excellent relationships with, a broad range of British boarding schools, so they can place their students in schools that best fit their needs.

Marketing & admissions staff
to have easy-to-use tools on hand to help save them time in their busy roles, as well as being kept up-to-date in their knowledge of the sector, so they can confidently make decisions to focus their activities and resources for best return.

Bursars and business managers
to manage their international recruitment budgets in a cost-effective  way. Through our Network, the costs of overseas trips can be mitigated or maximised for return on investment (ROI).

Our international recruitment community
to more effectively communicate and collaborate within a professional, values-driven Network. To work together to place pupils in the right British boarding schools at a time when geo-political divisions, global competitiveness and the lasting impact of the pandemic are all ongoing concerns for the sector.

Our Values

Excellence – We advocate, and personally uphold, the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.

Leadership – We are leaders in our field and strive to be the most knowledgeable and dependable source of up-to-date intelligence for the boarding sector.

Ethical – We put honesty, integrity and professionalism at the heart of all that we do, including our commitment to social responsibility.

Compassionate – We go the extra mile to support and care for our diverse global community of members, partners and employees. We are sensitive to different cultures and treat everyone with equal respect.

Innovative – We are forward-thinking, embrace change and continue to improve and develop the Network with passion.

Customer-Focused – We strive to offer the very best services, support and value for money.