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How to Become an Approved Agent

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Join over 400 BBSN Approved Agents who already enjoy the benefits of membership to successfully work with British boarding schools.

Contact us to receive the agent membership joining pack which includes a brochure and application form.
Please note that there is a one-off application fee of £420 (£350 + VAT) for processing the application form. This fee is non-refundable, and does not guarantee membership.

The steps below show what the application procedure involves. 



  • 1Upon receipt of the pack, please check that you meet our Membership Requirements as stated in the brochure.
  • 2If you meet our Membership Requirements, please complete and return the Membership Application Form.
  • 3We will check your Membership Application Form and, if we have sufficient information to move forward with your application, we will write to request a one-off application fee of £420 (£350 + VAT). Please note that this fee is for processing your application only. This fee is non-refundable, and does not guarantee membership.
  • 4On payment of the application fee, we will process your application and apply for your three references.
  • 5Once references have been received, we will arrange a Zoom interview to find out more about your company and tell you about our Network and membership services.
  • 6If we are satisfied with the above checks, we will offer you membership, which is free of charge. (If we feel that you do not have enough experience in placing pupils, we may ask you to contact us again once you have placed more pupils.)
  • 7Once you have agreed to our Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions, we will confirm your status as a BBSN Approved Agent and you will receive an Approved Agent logo and certificate.
  • 8We will help you to set up your company profile on the members' portal and add additional staff users.
  • 9We will issue you and your staff with logins to the BBSN portal.
  • 10You can contact us at any stage for individual help and support, not just on using the portal but on anything relating to international recruitment and working with schools to support you in your role.