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Fam Trips

We organise valuable Fam Trips (familiarisation trips) for our Approved Agent members to visit UK boarding schools befoer and after our Workshops.

What are Fam Trips?

A Fam Trip (short for familiarisation trip) is a unique British boarding-focused event organised by BBSN before and after the British Boarding Schools’ Workshops (BBSW) which are held each March and November. 

We run pre-Workshop Fam Trips, giving our Approved Agents an opportunity to visit a school before the Workshop; then post-event Fam Trips which enable groups of agents to efficiently visit several boarding schools in one area of the UK with all transport and hotels provided as part of a sponsored package. 

For school members, the Fam Trips are a wonderful marketing opportunity to showcase their school to a group of BBSN Approved Agents and to demonstrate why they should send boarding pupils to that school. Schools have found the feedback from each of the agents after the event to be invaluable for their marketing and development.


Lilly Jin, Elite Scheme (UKEC)

Operations Manager

"I thoroughly enjoyed the school tours at all five schools. I found the trip to be incredibly informative, providing valuable insight into all aspects of the schools. It would be our pleasure to work with these schools!"

Post-Workshop Fam Trips to Schools

There are normally three trips on offer, each visiting 5-6 schools located in different regions of the UK covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Agents spend 3-4 hours at each school and there is normally time to see the local area on the Sunday before the school visits on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Each trip can normally accommodate around 12-20 Approved Agents. Agents that are participating in the BBSW are given the chance to apply for one Fam Trip and the hotel and transport costs* are sponsored by the host schools. There is an admin fee payable by each agent to secure their place. 

* Transport is provided for agents from Heathrow to the region and between schools. The Fam Trip does not cover onward travel from the region to the agent's final destination, although the last school will drop agents to the nearest train station.  

Schools are given advice from our experienced team on how to host the event and to ensure agents get the most out of their visit. 

Typical Itinerary: 

  • BBSW runs from the Thursday to the Saturday and the last meeting finishes at 3.35pm. 
  • Around 4pm, Fam Trips depart from the BBSW venue with transport and overnight accommodation provided for participating agents.
  • Sunday may be a free day or the host schools may provide a tour of the local area. 
  • Monday - visit two schools
  • Tuesday - visit two schools
  • Wednesday - visit one or two schools depending on the number of host schools. Agents are taken to the nearest train station for onward travel.  

May Tassakom, K&M Education Centre

Marketing Manager

"I really enjoyed the Fam Trip after BBSW. It was a good experience for me to learn more about those schools from direct experience. It was very nice visiting and meeting the students and staff in the schools, as the feedback of the current students is very important to me."