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Webinars and Training

We run an extensive programme of webinars to inform, educate and help our members keep up to date with everything related to international pupil recruitment and placement.

All part of your membership package

We run regular webinars, masterclasses and online training for our members. Some webinars are for all members; others are agent or school specific.
  • There is no additional charge for these events -  they are part of the membership package paid by each school, and membership is free of charge for our Approved Agents as we want to make it easy for them to work with British schools. 
  • There is no limit to the number of staff who can join – you simply register and we send out the Zoom links.
  • The webinars are recorded and are available to watch 'on demand' on the members’ portal if you can’t attend on the day.

Many of our webinars and training sessions are delivered by our own team of sector experts, who have many years' experience of working in the sector and within the marketing and admissions teams in boarding schools. We also work with trusted partners such as Fragomen LLP (immigration and visa experts) and boarding sector providers to extend our members' knowledge.

Topics for webinars are inspired by conversations or feedback from members as we aim to ensure we are meeting their ever-changing needs. As an agile and innovative company we are driven to adapt, aiming to provide new solutions and insights to changes in our sector. 

A few of the recent topics covered have included:

  • Child Student/Student Visas, Immigration, Sponsorship and Compliance;
  • Country Masterclasses - what families are looking for and how to differentiate your marketing for different countries;
  • The latest update on the Chinese market and the dos and don'ts of Chinese social media; 
  • International Boarding Recruitment Masterclass for Prep Schools; 
  • Analysis of the Independent Schools' Council (ISC) Annual Census focusing on international market trends and data for non-British pupils whose parents live overseas;
  • Digital marketing to an international audience - a series of six webinars over two terms;
  • Introducing new Heads in member schools;
  • Building successful School and Agent partnerships;
  • Safeguarding of International Pupils;
  • How to get the most out of attending the BBSW networking events. 

Expand your knowledge

Our portal is a valuable source of sector knowledge exclusively available for our members at the click of a mouse.

School members can access a range of practical 'How to' guides, boarding-specific country reports and the Top 30 International Markets 'live feed' table which is generated from the data on each school's profile using the nationality of boarders.  They can also access a calendar of global events organised by agents to help with planning and overseas trips.  

Agents can access information on the UK education sector and boarding-specific information. 

Both schools and agents have access to a dedicated section on immigration, child student visas and sponsorship compliance.  

The 'Knowledge Hub' is a central zone of regularly updated market intelligence and news, providing everything schools and agents need for successful international recruitment to UK boarding schools.

Our members value being 'in the know' and it has never been easier with our weekly member updates - sent via email - with the latest news, events and webinars, and details of new members. For agents we provide a regular round up of new Heads, Admissions and Marketing staff in schools which they find invaluable for keeping up to date with key contacts.  

All our webinars are kept in the Knowledge Hub on the portal for 'on demand' viewing.