BBSW Virtual Event, 9th & 10th March 2022


The BBSW in March will be run as a virtual event on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th March. The virtual events we have run during the pandemic have been well-supported and highly-valued by schools and agents, having provided an easy and cost-effective way to build and maintain partnerships given that international travel is still difficult. 

Over 300 people took part in each of the virtual events we ran in March, October and November 2021 with a wide range of recruitment markets represented by our network of quality agents. 

For each of the events there will be 50 appointments over the two days (25 per day) and appointments will run from 7.45am to 6pm UK time to allow you to speak to agents in different time zones. You can block out times when you are not free to create your own bespoke schedule.

“ It was AMAZING and we now have so much to offer our clients and we will look forward to the next one. ”   Agent Participant

Wednesday, 9th March: 
7.45am to 6pm (UK time) - 20 minute appointments with 5 minutes' break in between

Thursday, 10th March: 
7.45am to 6pm (UK time) -  - 20 minute appointments with 5 minutes' break in between

Price per event

BBSN member schools

Non-member schools

Price for one Zoom room

£895 + vat

£1145 + vat 

Price for second Zoom room

£650 + vat 

£850 + vat 

How will the event work?

At this challenging time, it is important that schools and agents have regular communication. The BBSW Virtual Event in March will facilitate scheduled Zoom meetings over two days and each meeting will last for 20 minutes, with a 5 minute break between each.  Schools have their own dedicated Zoom room so they can invite other members of their team to take part in the meetings regardless of where they are located.

“ A nice mix of catching up with people we know and a couple of good meetings with prospective new partners ”   School Participant

We will be using the BBSN members’ portal to provide access to an event dashboard in the same way that we run the BBSW live events. From the dashboard, schools will be able to access the list of participating agents, and agents will be able to access the list of participating schools. School and company profiles will be available via the dashboard. All of our members already have profiles on the portal, and if your school is not a BBSN member we will provide a profile template for you to complete via the portal.

“ Today was seamless - had some great conversations with some wonderful people and the tech was hitch free all day! ”   Agent Participant

From the event dashboard users will be able to access our electronic appointment system (EASy). On Tuesday, 22nd February, participants will be given access to EASy so that they can block out appointment slots when they are not available and to ensure they have allocated breaks. This means you can completely tailor-make your school’s schedule. For two days you will be able to send invitations and messages to agents to express your interest to meet. The functions will then change at 10am on Thursday, 24th February and users will book appointments with agents and vice versa. Appointment requests have to be accepted by the recipient to confirm it on both schedules (or declined to free up the slot again). Further details about this will be sent to participants nearer the time.

“ We have been very impressed with the format of the BBSW Virtual Event. All worked beautifully with the Zoom rooms.”   School Participant

On the week of the meetings, school participants sign into their Zoom room using the details provided. Agents simply click on the Zoom link of the school they are meeting via the appointment schedule, to join them in their Zoom room. The whole process is easy and efficient and facilitates high-quality, focused meetings to enable you to develop partnerships with new agents, catch up with existing partner agents and learn about markets and developments.

Benefits of attending the BBSW Virtual Events

  • Easy, efficient and cost-effective way to meet high quality agents without getting on a plane
  • 20-minute scheduled appointments with carefully vetted, high-quality agents
  • A targeted community of agents who recruit thousands of pupils for boarding schools every year
  • Meet agents in your target countries – around 50 different recruitment countries represented
  • Quality, focused meetings in the comfort of your own office or home
  • Easy for other members of your team to join the meetings wherever they are located
  • Book appointments to fit in with other commitments over the two days
  • Meet with agents in different time zones as the schedule runs form 7.45am to 6pm UK time
  • Ideal for introducing new Heads or members of staff
  • Cost-effective opportunity for staff training

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