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The Workshop, which took place on 7th to 9th March 2019, was held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel near London’s Heathrow International Airport, making it accessible for our international attendees. More than 280 delegates took part from 86 schools, 100 educational consultancies and nine exhibitors.  

The event provides a friendly, collaborative and supportive atmosphere which is conducive to building partnerships, enabling delegates to get to know each other at the scheduled meetings and during the drinks receptions, lunches and dinners. It was wonderful to be together as a community to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday, 8th March, and to pay tribute to the many women who work in our sector and especially to those who contributed to the development of international recruitment over the last 20 years.

We are passionate about supporting schools, educational consultants and service providers, enabling them to work together effectively for the successful recruitment of overseas pupils as it is vital that students are placed in the right schools for their needs. We thoroughly enjoyed the March Workshop and we hope you did too!

The following presentations are available on the BBSW dashboard for attendees and in the Knowledge Zone on Connected for all members to access:

  • An insight into Tier 4 – How to Survive a Home Office Immigration Audit. By Fragomen Worldwide.
  • The value of successful induction and integration programmes. By Struan Hellier, Director of Boarding at Woodbridge School.
  • The very latest update on BREXIT and the implications for schools and agents when placing international students in British schools. By Fragomen Worldwide.

If you have 90 seconds to spare, do watch the short video created by our young media crew, Ollie Rowse (age 15) and Luke Hearne Brown (age 16). 

BBSW March 2019 Video

Feedback from Schools & Exhibitors

Just wanted to say thank you for yet another fabulous event.  Super well organised and lots of lovely people to meet and engage with.”

“For my first visit I was blown away by the whole thing and found it very useful.”

“You looked after us all amazingly and it was really productive.”

“We had an excellent time meeting new agents and cementing relationships with those agents we have worked with for many years and who we now class as friends. ”

“The refreshments being brought to our stand by Tearfund was also very welcome as we often didn’t get to have a break.”

“I thought the Thursday seminar programme was excellent, and the use of the telephone calls for the student journey was genius!  It gave it so much energy and kept everyone alert and fully engaged and had a lovely feel good atmosphere.”

“Thanks for a really productive and enjoyable weekend, the organisation was superb as always and the workshop was incredibly helpful for us, We are already looking forward to the next one.”

“What a fabulous event the BBSW was.  Thank you in particular for holding our hands as first timers!”

“Another superb event. Some great contacts made, completely productive as always, and hopefully will result in good results for our recruitment and for the summer school.”

“It is so well coordinated and you are all so welcoming and helpful both before and during the event so thank you!”

“It was hard work, fast paced, tiring but also enormous fun!”

“We really enjoyed hosting the group of agents on the Fam Trip. SO lovely meeting up with dear friends!”

Feedback from Agents

“Well...........what a fabulous BBSW was.  I really enjoyed everything about it, the new schools that I met, the catching up with ones we already work with, the social side of things, the meals, etc. It was a terrific few days and thank you so much for inviting me.”

“A Very BIG thank you to all of you at BBSW for another great and successful event!”

“We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all that unbelievable organisation.  It is always such a great experience, and so enormously helpful for all of us.”

“It is a brilliant networking opportunity and a great opportunity to get to know more about the schools. The fam trip was also great, the schools hosted us fantastically well.”

“It is so great that we had possibility to meet our old partners and say them “hello” personally and not via messengers.”

“We met some great new contacts and are very hopeful of developing strong relationships with some of those that we met before. First such event I have been to where I have left thinking I has actually learned a lot which can be put into practice straight away.”

“I always learn something new at BBSW and that is one of the great advantages of having one to one meetings, where we are totally focussed on the school we are meeting and manage to come away with more information that will help us to market that school to our families.”

“We have so many students for next Autumn term that we will start working with some of the new schools that we met at the workshop.”

“Thank you very for the amazing event, your time and the fam trip. I did really enjoy the week in UK and I have made the most of it.”

“I met a lot of new schools which could be interesting for our market. While I was on the Fam Trip my colleagues already sent an application to one of the schools which I met at BBSW.”

“It was an AMAZING event and thank you.”



The British Boarding Schools Network has been supporting our chosen charity, Tearfund, since 2015. For every table booked at the BBSW we donate £36 to Tearfund, the cost to set a child free from trafficking. Over the last eight Workshops we have donated more than £25,000 to Tearfund which has been used to support a project in India, helping to rehabilitate young girls who have been rescued from the sex trade.

Maggie Murphy and Andy Robertson who were delivering refreshments to the meeting tables would like to thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words at the event. They said: “It was a real pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, from schools, agencies and many of the other exhibitors too. It’s such an excellent event, and we felt so at home amongst you all. So thank you to the BBSN team for your incredible support, organisation and hospitality!”

How can your school or company get involved with Tearfund?

  • Schools: Andy would love to speak to schools about coming to present assemblies and workshops. He also has lots of fun ideas for fundraising in schools.
  • Agents: If your business would like to support a worthy charity, Tearfund would love to hear from you, too!

Contact Andy Robertson at:

Watch the inspiring video that Maggie showed at the welcome seminar.

Thank you to the sponsors of BBSW