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The Workshop which took place on 1st to 3rd November 2018 with more than 300 delegates from 86 schools, 100 educational consultancies and 11 exhibitors. 

It is such a privilege for us to run this event and our aim is for the BBSW to create a tight-knit, supportive and collaborative community. We are passionate about supporting schools, educational consultants and service providers to work together effectively for the successful recruitment of overseas pupils as it is vital that students are placed in the right schools for their needs. We thoroughly enjoyed the Noveember Workshop and we hope you did too!

If you have 90 seconds to spare, do watch the short video created by our young media crew, Ollie Rowse and Luke Hearne Brown (both age 15). 

BBSW November 2018 Video

Feedback from Schools & Exhibitors

An incredibly efficient means of meeting a large number of agents from all over the world. A combination of meeting new agents and catching up with existing partners.

“BBSW is our single biggest international marketing event and we find it a most efficient use of our limited budget - we can achieve more in a couple of days than we would otherwise in several weeks of (expensive) overseas recruitment trips. Enquiries from international agencies have grown significantly in both number and appropriateness since we started attending BBSW.”

“BBSW is the friendliest and best organised international agent fair we attend. It allows us to reconnect with existing agents and as well as meet new partners in new emerging markets for us.”

“It was my first time attending but I was really impressed. I had a full set of appointments both days and thought it was very well organised. I think the time slots were ideal as we had time to discuss everything we needed to and build better relationships. ”

“This is an amazing workshop and is so well organised. The ability to meet so many agents old and new in a short space of time is an opportunity no school can afford to miss. The seminars delivered were very helpful. The entertainment at the dinner was fabulous and funny.”

“BBSW is the best weekend of the year. It is the only opportunity in the UK to meet so many existing and new agents over the course of a few days. It is always helpful to meet staff from other schools and share information.”

“BBSW has definitely helped me achieve my recruitment targets. The Agents I meet are very professional and excellent quality agents.”

“A fantastic opportunity to maintain and create new relationships with agents all over the world. It is also fantastic to catch up with the other schools. Our favourite event of the year!”

“BBSW is without a doubt our best and favourite agent meeting of the year. This is where we meet the most important existing agents, particularly from Europe, and that always feels like a reunion with friends and a chance to discuss the pupils they have placed with us. Each year we also meet carefully vetted new agencies who we know can be relied upon.”

Feedback from Agents

“BBSW is an extremely valuable and efficient resource for us. It offers a fantastic opportunity to get to know schools we haven't previously worked with, to reconnect with those we haven't dealt with much in a while and to develop professional relationships and friendships with those we know well. It is also an effective way of making sure that our information is up to date and that we keep abreast of changes taking place at the schools.”

“The BBSW plays a key role in my work. Although I had already visited many of the schools represented before seeing them at BBSW, it makes a real difference being part of the network as an agent.”

“A small workshop with a friendly atmosphere, where everyone is there to get their work done, in a warm atmosphere that feels like a family. Everything you need if you are interested in British Boarding Schools and programmes.”

“It is the best chance not only to find the right school for the right students, but also to build valuable relations between agents and schools.”

“The BBSW is an invaluable event for my company. It is an efficient - and most agreeable - way of introducing agents to schools/schools to agents, as well as reinforcing established working relationships.”

“BBSW is a must...Any agent trying to send students to UK boarding schools should attend.. BBSW enables us to get a very good knowledge of Private British education as we can meet dozens of boarding schools in a single event. The fam trips are also a great opportunity to see them onsite”

“There are several things that I could say to other agents: it is a one stop shop where you can find good schools representing the whole country, international centres preparing for boarding school entry and summer schools. It is not only a market place but even more a sorce of your own education in the field of British education.”

“I wouldn't hesitate for a second in recommending the BBSW to others.”

“BBSW is enormously useful, but also very good fun.”

“I liked the variety of schools and the spread. It is important for our markets to have both traditional, international and summer school options and it is becoming easier to place the students further from London and the South of England as the market gets more sophisticated.”




The British Boarding Schools Network has been supporting our chosen charity, Tearfund, since 2015. For every table booked at the BBSW we donate £36 to Tearfund as this is the cost to set a child free from trafficking. Over the last seven Workshops we have donated £22,464 to Tearfund which has been used to support a project in India, helping to rehabilitate young girls who have been rescued from the sex trade.

Maggie Murphy and Andy Robertson who were exhibiting at the BBSW would like to thank you for all of your encouraging and inspiring words at the event. They said: “It was a real pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, from schools, agencies and many of the other exhibitors too. It’s such an excellent event, and we felt so at home amongst you all. So thank you to the BBSN team for your incredible support, organisation and hospitality!”

How can your school or company get involved with Tearfund?

  • Schools: Andy would love to speak to schools about overseas trips and the opportunities available for schools and young people to visit the courageous individuals empowered to lift themselves out of poverty. He also has lots of fun ideas for fundraising and campaigning in schools.
  • Agents: If your business would like to support a worthy charity, Tearfund would love to hear from you, too!

Contact Andy Robertson at:

Watch the inspiring video that Andy showed at the welcome seminar.

Thank you to the sponsors of BBSW