International Marketing Masterclasses

How to Work Smarter Not Harder...

For BBSN Member Schools, presented by Suzanne Rowse. There is no charge for this event.

Tuesday, 15th June at 11am on Zoom

Little changes can make big differences. If a ship changed its course by just one degree, it would end up in a completely different location. So how can we apply this idea to international marketing and recruitment in boarding schools? Suzanne Rowse will be sharing a wealth of information including top tips on how schools can save time and money. Drawing on 23 years of experience in the sector, Suzanne will share examples of good practice and little things which make a big difference, covering websites, admissions processes, research and working with agents. The presentation will also look at the common threads and recommendations which emerged from the individual country masterclasses last term (presented by experienced agents. There will be a Q&A and an opportunity for discussion after the presentation.

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