International Marketing Masterclasses

Understanding English Language Qualifications

For BBSN Member Schools, presented by Dr Helen Wood

Thursday, 18th March at 10am on Zoom

Why is it so important that admissions and marketing teams fully understand what the range of English language qualifications they encounter at admissions stage are (and that their school teaches towards) as well as what each qualification means in real terms? There are three key reasons:

  • It typically takes 7 years in English medium instruction for an EAL pupil to reach literacy skills equal to a native speaker.

  • Pupils who reach high levels of academic linguistic proficiency tend to out-perform native speakers in exams like GCSE’s, but those with only good communicative language skills experience a severe attainment penalty.

  • Understanding exactly where your prospective EAL pupils are on this 7 year journey of language development helps your school plan support appropriately and ensure they have time to reach their academic potential.

Admissions decisions play a significant part in determining whether an EAL pupil will have a happy and fulfilled learning experience within a particular school. Informed content in your marketing materials will help parents understand your language requirements better and why you may be insisting additional support (and any additional fees involved) will be necessary.

This seminar aims to equip you with the knowledge that will lead to positive outcomes for everyone.

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