FREE Digital Marketing Webinars for BBSN School Members - 6 x 40-minute Masterclasses January to June 2023 

At the request of many of our school members, we are offering school staff the opportunity to keep up to date with all things digital!

In partnership with Alta Justus, Digital Marketing Director at The Virtual Marketer, we are providing six free Digital Marketing Masterclass Webinars running from January to June 2023.

You can join just one or two, or all six sessions and there is no cost or limit to the number of your team that can join. Joining information and Zoom links will be sent before each webinar.

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Wed 18 January 
2.00 – 2.40pm 
Recorded and on the members portal

A Pain-Free Introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) 

If you feel like you’ve barely just learned how to interpret the current Universal Google Analytics platform (UA), you’re not alone! Many schools are just now recognising the value of data in their strategic marketing and Google decides to go ahead and change the goalpost. Not to fear - join our first webinar of the New Year where we’ll walk through the changes in GA4 and boil down exactly what it is you need to do to ensure your school is collecting the data that really matters and how to interpret it. 

Wed 8 February 
10.00 – 10.40am

Cookie-Less Marketing and Working with First-Party Data 

The change in privacy laws has changed the way the world is collecting data and as a result will have a big effect on how digital marketers will work going forward. In this webinar, we’ll cover what this means for school marketing teams, and what can you do to ensure the business continues to run smoothly when marketing without cookies. 

Wed 15 March 
2.00 – 2.40pm

Utilising Digital Advertising to Reach and Engage with New Audiences 

Developing new audiences is key to ensuring the long-term sustainability of any organisation. And with an increase in online competition and limited resources, digital advertising is proving to be a school marketer’s new best friend! Learn tips and tools on how to utilise both Google and social advertising to strategically identify, target, and nurture new audiences to ensure your audience funnels remain full.

Wed 19 April 
10.00 – 10.40am

Optimising Your School Website for Your International Audiences and Search Engines 

As a boarding school, your website will need to be found by a number of diverse audiences each with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages. Learn the steps required for global optimisation to ensure you’re being found in the countries of your choice and delivering content that is not only in their native language, but that speaks directly to their needs and interests as well. 

Wed 10 May 
2.00 – 2.40pm

Customer-Centric, E-A-T-Focused Marketing for Schools 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) is the basis on which Google determines whether your content is of value to readers and how well it should rank. Customer-centric marketing focuses on the interests of your audiences, not your organisation. Combine those two together and you’ve got a power-house approach to connecting with your target audiences and positioning yourself as leaders in the education space. 

Wed 7 June 
10.00 – 10.40am 

How to Create and Deliver an Effective Social Media Strategy for Multiple Audiences 

It’s not uncommon for schools to have multiple audiences they’re trying to engage with on social media. But it can be hard enough trying to get it right for just one audience. So how can you create a strategy that will be effective for multiple audiences and still be manageable? The key is starting with the bigger picture. Learn the steps to creating a SMART social media plan that puts social into perspective and working for, not against, you. 


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About the Speaker:

Alta Justus,
Digital Marketing Director,
The Virtual Marketer

An equally creative and analytical digital marketing strategist with over 19 years of education and commercial marketing experience, Alta leads the digital marketing arm of Ubiq, creator of the first digital experience ecosystem (DEE) for schools. From Google Analytics to SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing, Alta offers the passion and the digital expertise required to help schools successfully enhance, promote and amplify their online presence. In addition to delivering results-focused strategies for schools, Alta is keen to share her knowledge and has delivered over a hundred webinars, workshops, and masterclasses, all designed to empower the busy school marketer.