How to use global university destinations to market to families

For BBSN Member Schools and Agents, presented by David Hawkins, Director and Founder of the University Guys. There is no charge for this event.

Wednesday, 5th May at 1.30pm UK time on Zoom

The world of university applications is changing. Brexit, UK demographic change, Oxbridge policies on admissions, the rise of academically-selective state Sixth Forms, and grade inflation due to COVID all mean that whereas in the past UK boarding schools could safely market large numbers of Oxbridge, Russell Group or Medicine successes, the same will not be true in the coming years.

Many UK schools have identified international university application successes as a way to solve this marketing dilemma, but find themselves stuck when confronting the manifestly more complicated application processes. Canada has different application systems per province. Europe has issues where many normal A Level combinations won't work for university entry. The USA - the most popular option - had more than 60 universities that were more selective than Oxbridge this year, with some of the most well-known universities rejecting more than 95% of their applicants.

In this session, seasoned international university adviser David Hawkins of The University Guys will give you an overview of the key points to be aware of when marketing your school to families looking at universities beyond the UK, some solutions to helping families navigate these applications, and guidance on cost-effective ways to add this provision to your UCAS offering.

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